WATCH: MTV Held A Televised Beyoncé Concert This Weekend

Queen Bey blew the audience away with her 2014 VMA Video Vanguard medley performance.

Don’t you hate it when people talk loudly during a concert you’re watching? It absolutely ruins the experience by taking you out of the moment, changing your mood from love to hate, and over-analyzing whether you should take the time to tell that lovely individual to shut the hell up. In short, it’s rude, and no one should do it.

Last night MTV aired an incredible performance by the one and only Beyoncé with the most egregious audience I have ever experienced. They kept getting up in the middle of the show, making long speeches, and performing their own music on the same stage as Queen Bey’s set! And what was with all of those moon men statues they kept waving in the air? It’s like, “Hello, we’re trying to see!”

Even with these Chatty Cathys gabbing it up at the Mrs. Carter concert strangely named the “2014 Video Music Awards,” Beyoncé’s gorgeous light shined through with a twelve-song set featuring body painted dancers, conveyor belt choreography, and one magnificent bejeweled leotard.

Advertised as a career-spanning performance a la Justin Timberlake’s 2013 Video Vanguard medley, audiences were ready to reminisce about Yoncé’s impact on music for nearly twenty years, but she had something else in mind. “Welcome to my world,” Knowles proudly stated as she launched into a sonic and visual journey through her latest surprise album BEYONCE. There was no “Crazy In Love” or “Single Ladies,” but the fluid transitions, hypnotic dance moves, and impeccable vocals were more than enough to guard her throne.

Watch the entire performance now and get the full set list below. By the second time you watch it, you’ll be just like us…and Blue Ivy.

Beyoncé VMA 2014 performance



No Angel



Drunk In Love



Flawless (Remix)





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