PREMIERE: Russian Baths Address Big Questions on “Parasite”

The Brooklyn noise rock duo gives us a first taste of their yet-untitled full-length debut.

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” was likely the first mainstream hit to introduce the world to the concept of “noise rock,” a broad term that could either describe a complex audio landscape of fine-tuned sounds or, in Nirvana’s case, pop music, only way louder. Likewise, Brooklyn’s Russian Baths subscribe to this approach to songwriting, and even though their single “Ambulance” is undeniably punishing upon first listen, it wouldn’t be impossible to upload a feedback-drained ukulele cover to YouTube.

With plans for a proper debut full-length still coming together, the duo of Luke Koz and Jess Rees are sharing their first new track since last year’s Penance EP. As aggressive as can be expected of the duo, “Parasite” soars with the male-female vocal harmonies that would make the track considerably more twee were it not so unbelievably unsettling.

“Have you ever had an insect burrow into your brain and force you to drown yourself? Cured a headache with a hand grenade?” queries Koz, aptly reconstructing the same violent energy converted to guitar-driven noise rock on the single. “This song is about these legitimate questions.”

You can take “Parasite” for a test drive, here or at the embed below. Keep an eye out for Russian Baths’ forthcoming LP, out later this year on Good Eye Records. In the mean time, catch them at SXSW this week on the dates listed beneath the track.

Russian Baths @ SXSW 2019:
3/13: Cindy’s Wicked Waltz – 6 PM – Spider House Cafe and Ballroom
3/14: Siren Sounds x Fetish Records Day Party – 2:30 PM – 2312 Morelos St
3/14: Levitation x Creem Magazine Official SXSW Showcase – 9 PM – Hotel Vegas
3/15: Romancing The Stone Showcase – 1:20 PM – Hotel Vegas
3/15: Spokesman Free Day Party – 4:30 PM – Spokesman Coffee House
3/15: Greenway Records SX Showcase – 6:30 PM – The Electric Church


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