WATCH: Stephen Colbert Bonds With Smaug the Dragon in a “Report”-Ravaging Interview

A shared love of sleeping on bags of money in a gated community constitutes grounds for a friendship, right?

It’s no secret that Stephen Colbert is massive Lord of the Rings fan (he’s got Aragorn and Bilbo’s swords in his studio and you might remember his cameo appearance as a Lake Towner in The Hobbit). As The Colbert Report nears the end of its run (only four episodes left, not that we’re counting or anything), our beloved host landed perhaps his greatest interview (after President Obama, maybe)—Smaug, “the last great fire drake of the Third Age,” to his show. We can only imagine the amount of fan-girling happening backstage pre-interview.


Smaug took a break from his busy press schedule promoting The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies to discuss some of Colbert’s most valued topics: Hollywood’s liberal bias, the perception of dragons in film, and “looking out for the little guy.”

You can watch the interview or the whole episode on the Comedy Central website.


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