LISTEN: CupcakKe Flips Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” Into “Old Town Hoe”

It’s X-rated from the opening line. This remix is strictly for mature audiences.

Lil Nas X is the feel good story of the year: music industry edition.

Kicking the “Yeehaw Agenda” into high gear with smash hit “Old Town Road,” none less than the legend Billy Ray Cyrus jumped to Lil Nas X’s defense when Billboard played some fuzzy math with the track’s genre certification.

Now, rapper CupcakKe has come along to put her own spin on the ubiquitous tune with a decidedly raunchy remix that is not for the faint of heart. Get the kids out of the room and check IDs to make sure everyone is over eighteen before pressing play on this hot little number, because CupcakKe gets nasty straight out of the gate.

If you dare, give it a whirl below.


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