Go Party with Everything Is Terrible!

The Jerry Maguire–hoarding video and performance collective invites you to break in their new East LA storefront with them on July 6.

If you’ve ever scoured all your local Goodwills in vain looking for a VHS copy of Cameron Crowe’s 1996 melodrama Jerry Maguire, I could tell you exactly who to blame. For some reason, the folks at Everything Is Terrible! have been amassing a stockpile of over 24,000 copies of the tape over the past decade, which they claim will ultimately be entombed in a pyramid in the desert. But this is far from the weirdest project the group has dreamed up, boasting an equally massive collection of edited video culled from untraceable sources—think Tim & Eric, only for real.

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Today, the collective has revealed the exciting and also kind of anxiety-inducing news that their new East LA storefront will be opening next month, to be used for installations and performances. The christening will be commemorated with a free party on July 6, featuring new installations (which, they threaten, will be “immersive”) and videos, as well as DJ sets, photo booths, food, drinks, and the ever-present downward glance of an infinite number of innocently pre–Eyes Wide Shut Tom Cruise countenances.

The Everything Is Terrible! Store is located in East Los Angeles at 754 S. Atlantic Blvd. The event runs 8 p.m. to midnight.


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