LISTEN: Priests Turn Danzig into Disco-Punk with “Mother” Cover

The D.C. band follow The Seduction of Kansas with a remake of the 1988 Danzig track.

D.C. band Priests went into a recording studio and had their way with Danzig’s 1988 single “Mother,” coming back with a decidedly disco-punk take on the tune.

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“This whole album [Danzig] is actually pretty sexy, something it doesn’t get enough credit for,” the band said in a statement about the self-titled full-length on which “Mother” originally appeared. “We thought we’d tease this out a little more in our cover by reimagining it with a ‘Let’s Dance’ era Nile-Rodgers-producing-Bowie kind of glamor. Plus, what better way to subvert expectations of a Danzig song than by sprinkling it with a little disco panache? We assume this cover won’t be for everybody, but that’s the whole point of committing to creative decisions now, isn’t it?”

Listen to Priests take on Danzig below via Amazon Music.


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