Attention, Intellectual LA Stoners: A Weed Museum Is Coming

The Museum of Weed opens August 3 in Los Angeles. 

Sure, recreational pot has been legal in California since last year, and you’ve probably been high ever since—but how much do you really know about weed’s history? Its sordid past? Its wondrous medicinal properties?

If the answer is “not a lot,” The Museum of Weed is the right place for your education. Set to open on August 3 and headed up by the website Weedmaps, the space promises thirty thousand square feet of interactive, informational exhibits.

As stated in a press release by Weedmaps CEO Chris Beales, “Our goal with the Museum of Weed is to demystify cannabis and its role in society, and to draw attention to the impact prohibition of cannabis has had on various social groups in the U.S. and beyond.” Beales claims the museum will be chock-full of immersive elements and “Insta-worthy fodder,” because any self-respecting museum these days must be Instagrammable—why would influencers bother showing up otherwise?

Sadly, there will not be any cannabis available on-site, though there is a cafe if you show up stoned and get hungry whilst exploring. There’s also a gift shop with weed-themed goodies. 

The Museum is open through September 29. Tickets go for $35 each; get yours here


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