Ohhh, There’s a New Green Day Album

*Checks notes* *pauses* *deadpans camera* It’s called Father of All Motherfuckers.

Last we heard from Green Day, Billy Joe Armstrong had finally revealed that Bush was the “American Idiot” they sang of in their 2004 rock opera of the same name, as bravely reported by ClickHole and unconscionably picked up by WaPo. Some quick, ill-advised research also tells me they released a trilogy of albums called ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, and, yes, ¡Tres! back in 2012, and something vaguely punk-sounding called Revolution Radio as recently as 2016. 

Well, today we learned the woke (?) punk trio is still kicking, as noted in a TMI press release (nothing inappropriate, just…too much information) that went out this morning advertising a forthcoming album called Father of All Motherfuckers, as well as Harley-Davidson (?)–sponsored world tour alongside Weezer and Fall Out Boy. As if that isn’t enough Green Day for 2019, the band also shared the first single, “Father of All…,” which sounds like a Green Day song performed by three guys pushing fifty. Listen to the punk handclaps below.

The album, which, again, is called Father of All Motherfuckers, is out February 7, 2020, on Reprise/Warner Records. I’m gonna go take a nap.


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