PREMIERE: V.V. Lightbody Models Her Buick in “Car Alarm” Video

The Chicago songwriter shows off her sunroof in the new video for her summer-released single.

Back in June, self-proclaimed nap-rock songwriter V.V. Lightbody debuted a loose single called “Car Alarm” which poked fun at her own self-serious songwriting. Over smooth instrumentals prominently featuring a languid guitar and plenty of snare, lyrics about being “set off like a goddamn car alarm” are less, um, horny than they might at first appear given the musical context, Lightbody instead using the metaphor to highlight the comedy of exaggerated human behavior relied upon in lyrical songwriting.

While there’s still no word about an upcoming release to feature the single, Lightbody (born Vivian McConnell) is revealing a flashy new video for the track, which stars the songwriter and her extraordinarily normal Buick. Although she seems to be doubling down on the jokey metaphor by featuring her off-white, boat-like sedan, her lounging on it does seem to prove that it does not, in fact, actually have a car alarm.

“Buicks are passed down in my family and I’ve been lovingly teased my whole driving-life about it,” Lightbody notes. “But damn! Have you ever sat in the back seat of one?” (She has a point.) “It’s also seriously sexy and gets my gear around, so I wanted to honor it by featuring it in the ‘Car Alarm’ video.”

Directed by her friend Hannah Welever—whose work you may know shooting for fellow Chicagoans Jamila Woods and OHMME—the clip also sees musicians Erin Delaney and Andrew Sa join her for a “sultry urban-cowboy dance routine” on the car’s roof. “Although grateful for this ride,” she disclaims in conclusion, “I am not happy with the actions of GM and wish cars didn’t have to exist, however convenient.” (She has another point.)

“Car Alarm” is out now. Download it here and watch the video below.


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