Lizzo and Macaulay Culkin Might Be the Duo We Need Right Now

Two icons from entirely different dimensions came together onstage.

Fame is a funny thing. A couple of years back, Lizzo was just another emerging artist at SXSW, slugging it out with countless acts hoping for a chance at the big time. Now, Lizzo is a superstar who has Ellen DeGeneres’ number in her cell phone, a magnet for millions looking to bask in her glorious glow.

When you’re Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin, you can get closer to the energy source than most, which happened to be the case at a recent show wherein the actor found himself onstage with Lizzo during her performance at the Hollywood Palladium.

“When [Lizzo] asks you to do a silly dance… You get up there and do a silly dance,” the actor shared on Instagram, with a video of the moment in question. Watch it below. (He also shared “a better angle” via Twitter.)


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