PREMIERE: Esmé Patterson Shares “Light in Your Window” Video Along with News of BMG Signing

The Denver songwriter’s first single with the label features instrumentation by Tennis.

We haven’t heard much from Esmé Patterson since her 2016 LP We Were Wild besides a few demos, singles, and appearances behind Tiny Desks, but the news today of her signing to BMG Records certainly implies that there’s more to come from the pop songwriter. Sharing a label with the likes of Pixies, Big K.R.I.T., and The Temper Trap, it’s pretty safe to say that 2020 should be a big year for Patterson. 

With this major career step comes an interesting shift in sound: in place of the soulful folk perfected in her previous work, her debut single with her new label has plenty of electronic and R&B elements, thanks in part to her recording sesh with dream pop duo Tennis. As refreshing as “Light in Your Window” sounds, Patterson chalks the inspiration for the track up to a feeling of longing best illustrated by an anecdote she recalls:

“The idea (and the name) for the song ‘Light in Your Window’ came to me when driving with my friend Martin past his ex-girlfriend’s house. He reflexively looked up to her bedroom window to see if the light was on, and then was angry with the muscle-memory that had made him do so. He expressed the melancholy caused by the slowness with which healing processes can sometimes move. I had been going through a breakup as well and poured some of my feelings into that metaphor and it became a song!”

Catch the video below, and stream/download the track on your DSP of choice here.


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