PREMIERE: Rituals of Mine’s “Burst” Gets a Dev the Goon Remix

The SLEEPER HOLD single gets an EDM rework in the vein of Flume.

Last month Terra Lopez shared a dark, ’90s-trip-hop-inspired electronic EP familiar to anyone who’s followed her career from the ambient pop of Sister Crayon to her current project, the murkier Rituals of Mine. Yet neither of these steps quite shine through in her latest single, a Dev the Goon reworking of SLEEPER HOLD opener “BURST.”

Swapping the downtempo, nocturnal beats for something significantly livelier, Dev cites Flume and Illenium as influences on the remix. “I really took it to a whole new genre,” he shares. “I really enjoy the riddim-type dubstep—have been listening for years with many different artists.” Lopez notes the R&B direction he took the track in, also citing Kelela

“Dev the Goon is one of my favorite producers out right now,” she counters. “His music sensibility is so next-level and fresh. I feel honored to work with him. Since he co-produced the original track, he wanted to take more of a dub/R&B approach in the vein of Flume, but with a twist of R&B á la Kelela. This is one of my favorite remixes of ours to date because he was able to keep the energy of the track but bring a beautiful, heavy R&B influence to it.”

SLEEPER HOLD is out now via Carpark Records. You can order it here.


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