That New Björk Album Is Coming Even Sooner Than You Thought

Vulnicura will be released in March

Once her name was printed towards the top of this year’s Governors Ball lineup last week, speculation about when Björk‘s impending ninth album would be released began to mount quickly. Thankfully, the Icelandic artist took to her Facebook page yesterday to clear the air and reveal specifics about Vulnicura.

Beyond figuring out the name and general release time of her follow-up to 2011’s Biophilia, Björk announced her collaborators and producers for Vulnicura (Arca, The Haxan Cloak) and the album’s song titles. While there is no confirmed order to the album right now, the track names for Vulnicura include: “Stonemilker,” “Lionsong,” “History of Touches,” “Black Lake,” “Family,” “Notget,” “Atom Dance,” “Mouth Mantra,” and “Quicksand.”

Read Björk’s full note below, which is full of “warmthness” below.


(via Pitchfork)


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