Lizzo Supported by Janelle Monáe and Houston Rockets in “Bootygate”

After the ass-claps heard around the world, Lizzo’s body-shaming critics are being drowned out by very big voices.

Perhaps you’ve noticed Lizzo in the news lately? You must have, because not even the likes of noted 2019 darlings Billie Eilish and Lana Del Rey could hold a candle to the blinding shine coming from every inch of Lizzo’s body this year.

Case in point: the social media outrage following Lizzo’s cheeky appearance at a recent Los Angeles Lakers game, where she got up to twerk along with the Laker Girls during a routine set to Lizzo’s own “Juice.” After the moment generated a host of responses questioning if her ass-baring outfit was appropriate, some pretty big names stepped up to show her support.

Both Time and Entertainment Weekly tagged Lizzo as their Entertainer of the Year, an accomplishment that Janelle Monáe did not take lightly. The singer shared images from the Time spread with an inspiring message about her fellow musician: “You have BEEN an ICON and pushing culture FORWARD. WE need YOU.” 

While Lizzo has expressed her love for Karl-Anthony Towns of the NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves, it’s the Houston Rockets who have offered the singer an open invitation to hit the court with their team’s cheerleading squad, the Clutch City Dancers. Lizzo has graciously accepted the invite (“I’ll be there with bells on my booty” she tweeted), but as of yet no date has been set for her to rock Houston’s Toyota Center with the crew.


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