WATCH: Other Lives Announce New Album “For Their Love” with “Lost Day” Video

The chamber folk group’s anticipated fourth album arrives April 24 via ATO Records.

It’s been five years since we’ve heard any new music from Oklahoma’s entrancing folk ensemble Other Lives, but a trippy new video is reintroducing the orchestral ensemble, highlighting the band at their psychedelic best. “Lost Days” is the debut single from Lives’ forthcoming For Their Love, their first for the psych-friendly label ATO Records who’ve recently given us unique, similarly genre-defying albums from King Gizzard, Nilüfer Yanya, and Temples.

“The album is a record reflecting human feeling in the current state of affairs—economy and politics on the individual, while the latter still has to deal with the basic struggles of finding meaning of their existence,” the group’s leader Jesse Tabish shared in a press release. “Money, love, and death are always real and hard to cope with: What does the individual choose to make these larger themes of life easier to deal with? The record speaks in realness, questions, observing, lamenting and hopefully finding the slightest of hope in themselves, these characters sometimes venturing out into spiritual, religious or institutionalized endeavors. In my personal hope, only finding their self-worth is more important than anything that has been taught or preached to them.”

Take a peek at the video for “Lost Days” below, which sets the track’s lush and slightly unsettling sound to a homey recording space in the Pacific Northwest with a surreal number of identical, A-framed levels. For Their Love drops April 24—you can pre-order it here.


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