Ja Rule Has His Next Scam All Lined Up

First he brought you Fyre Fest; now he wants to do your taxes.

Need someone to manage your money? Who could be more trustworthy than the man whose name, brand, and dollars helped fund one of the decade’s most infamous scams?

Before Fyre Festival (and the excellent documentary about the doomed event, Fyre), the rapper Ja Rule was a spokesperson for Billy McFarland’s scam credit card brand Magnises; since Fyre—an event on which Ja Rule collaborated with McFarland to successfully lure scores of wealthy fest attendees to a beach, then leave them stranded sans musical guests and tolerable sandwiches—Ja has maintained that the whole thing was a perfectly fine idea in theory, while simultaneously trying to get his own version of the booking platform app the festival was supposed to promote off the ground. The man never tires.

TBH, Ja Rule should be in jail alongside McFarland. But the former has long since evaded responsibility, hoping we’d all forget his involvement. Earlier today, the audacious fellow tweeted out an offer to do your taxes this year. To be specific, he’s hocking a tax preparation service called ValueTax that’s based in New Jersey. And to add insult to irony, Ja Rule has previously spent two years in prison for illegal possession of a gun…and for tax evasion. Needless to say, I’ll be enlisting his services ASAP.

The initial tweet—which he has since deleted—said: IT’S TAX SEASON!!! It’s simple walk in let us do your taxes, walk out with cash in hand… we also do credit repair!!! #Valuetax

But Ja got wise, took note of Twitter’s reaction to the insinuation that he’d be filing for you, and has since tweeted out a new, more reassuring bit of info.


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