Fiona Apple on New Album: “It’ll Be Done Soon”

Talking to Vulture, the songwriter says a new record will be out “sometime in a few months, I guess.”

Last September, Fiona Apple whisperer Rachel Handler was able to extract some info on the generally reclusive songwriter’s new music, which she promises will be a full-album successor to 2012’s The Idler Wheel etc., etc. It seems the two have remained in touch since Apple emailed Handler out of the blue—and today, Vulture shared a follow-up Q&A between the two, which includes the reassuring news that Apple’s album will be out “sometime in a few months.”

While the title is still under wraps, and the artwork has yet to be created, it sounds as if the recordings are done. Having become a homebody since Idler Wheel, she also sounds unsure as to whether there’ll be a tour attached to the release: “It’s so scary for me, all that stuff. I’m pushing it out of my mind. In the next two weeks, I have to have a meeting with the band about what our plans are and what’s going to work. They’re all in other bands, so they have other schedules.”

In addition to this news, Handler focuses on Apple’s generous contributions to While They Wait, an organization that aids immigrants seeking asylum or facing family separation. There’s a bit of pop culture in there, too—namely Apple praising the pole dancing skills of J. Lo in Hustlers (following up from their last conversation, when Apple praised Lopez’s “beautiful ass”), and sounding extremely tired about Justin Bieber gaming the charts. Read the full interview here—and donate to WTW here.


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