My Chemical Romance Fans Drag Ticketmaster to Hell

The return of the emo icons was too much for the ticket service, and now theyre paying the price.

Hell hath no fury like a My Chemical Romance fan scorned. Ticketmaster learned that lesson the hard way today, when tickets went on sale for the band’s upcoming reunion tour.

With My Chem set to rock arenas including the Barclays Center (capacity: 19,000) and The Forum in Los Angeles (capacity: 17,505), even cities with multiple shows were sure to feel a ticket crunch. According to the flames that are still raging across social media, the tickets went fast—sold out in under six hours—and are now exclusively available via ticket “resellers” at exorbitant prices.

Even worse, as demand increased, so did some face value ticket prices. Fans left ticketless are directing that anger directly at Ticketmaster, and it is not pretty.

The exceedingly digital ticket-buying landscape of 2020 is every bit as fraught as it was back when fans would camp out overnight in front of box offices. With a litany of service fees often jacking up face-value amounts by as much as an extra one-third of the price, resale prices for hot shows are through the roof.

Outside of the MCR tour, it’s been a tough week for Ticketmaster and fandoms—seats are about to go on sale for K-Pop superstars BTS’s upcoming stadium tour, and their followers are already grousing. Tickets will be even harder to score with the service emphasizing that purchasers aren’t allowed to use multiple devices for a leg up in the digital queue. Fans are sharing tips, brainstorming strategies, and praying for the best.

For bands like My Chemical Romance, stepping up to stadium shows seems like the logical progression. While such a move does accommodate more fans, the relative intimacy of venue will be lost. In the meantime, the band’s faithful are left to hope for a miracle. Godspeed to them all.


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