WATCH: Ladytron Share Music Video and Short Film for “Tower of Glass”

The English darkwave group continues to roll out sharp visuals for songs from their 2019 self-titled record.

This past weekend was the one-year anniversary of Ladytron’s triumphant return after an eight-year silence, releasing their stunning self-titled LP on February 1, 2019. The record housed a number of memorable dark soundscapes, as well as an equally macabre J.G. Ballard–inspired clip for “Deadzone” last September.

Today the band is implying that this campaign will continue through 2020, not only sharing a video for the Ladytron track “Tower of Glass,” but also an extended eleven-minute cut, which is billed as a short film. The press release breaking the news this morning noted that this project is “the first single” to receive a video treatment in 2020, implying the existence of future singles to receive video treatments in 2020.

Though not nearly as thematically dark as many of Ladytron’s videos, “Tower of Glass” is visually dim, with the exception of a few scenes of golden-hour bliss. While the traditional music video sets these scenes to the band’s now-familiar single, the short film is soundtracked by eerie ambient music building up to the song, which plays during the credits.

Watch both versions below—depending on your computer’s brightness setting, these videos may not be safe for work.


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