WATCH: Phony Ppl and Megan Thee Stallion Hit the Car Wash in “Fkn Around” Video

Two weeks after dropping the single, the collaborators take it for a deluxe wash.

Phony Ppl and Megan Thee Stallion generated interest recently with their performance of “Fkn Around” on NPR’s Tiny Desk series, a single that until a month ago couldn’t be found anywhere else. But after officially releasing the track two weeks ago, our interest was once again piqued by a car wash–set photoshoot the artists appeared to be involved with, which we learn today was actually the set for the song’s music video.

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The “Fkn Around” video is as flashy and sexy as the song would suggest, with the Ppl—Elijah Rawk, Matt “Maffyuu” Byas, Aja Grant, and Bari Bass—strutting around an LA car wash flirting with their coworkers while Megan remains commendably patient, eying up an attendant as her man sits shotgun completely oblivious. Watch the video below.


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