WATCH: The Strokes Hock Defective Clones in “Bad Decisions” Video

The second single from The New Abnormal lends itself to a nightmarish infomercial.

Following the eventful unveiling of their sixth record The New Abnormal, The Strokes are dropping their second single with a music video confirming that the song’s titular “bad decision” is not their choice to pick back up the guitar after the ambient synths of Abnormal debut “At the Door.”

Following the somber tone of “Door,” “Bad Decision” is more archetypically Strokes—Julian Casablancas warbling over jagged guitar riffs. Moreover, the video for the new track feels more in line with the band’s personality than the grave sci-fi of the first single’s video: the band find themselves in a ’70s period piece advertising clones of themselves on television. What begins as wholesome family fun quickly devolves into horror territory, brandishing scarring imagery ranging from a Leatherface-like mask to a bald Julian head.

Watch the clip below, and mark your calendars for TNA’s release April 10 via Cult/RCA Records.


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