The “BALD!” video arrived last night, preceding next week’s European tour.

When we last checked in with JPEGMAFIA he’d just come off a major U.S. tour in support of his Artist-of-the-Year-worthy LP, All My Heroes Are Cornballs, telling us that his plan was to lie low in the months leading up to his next tour, which will take him over seas. It sounded like writing and recording would constitute much of this time off, and last night we got the first sample of what these sessions wrought.

“BALD!” is everything we’ve come to look forward to from a JPEGMAFIA single: a driving beat, aggressive lyrics about his receding hairline, and a social media campaign inviting fans to shave their heads in solidarity. With a trippy, very-low-budget video ending with a dramatic zoom-in on the top of Peggy’s head, the track is characteristically full of pop-culture punchlines (“I look like Ray Allen”) juxtaposed with brutal disses (“Boy you can’t rap for shit”), all punctuated with the declarative interjection “Bald!”

Watch the video below, and find tour dates here


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