PREMIERE: NOVA ONE Explores Emotional Resilience on “lovable”

Roz Raskin’s latest single from their album of the same name is another time capsule of vibrant ’60s pop.

February was a big month for the New Orleans–based label Community Records—shortly before their twelfth birthday, they announced their one hundredth release. Evolving from the local house-show garage rock of their early years, the assignment of this milestone to a recent signee from Providence, Rhode Island—whose lo-fi has evolved into full-blown ’60s hi-fi pop-rock—seems like a significant step.

NOVA ONE’s lovable is set to be released at the end of next month, and today we’re getting the second single from Roz Raskin’s debut LP under the moniker. Following the woozy “violet dreams,” the title track is a more upbeat affair, fueled by just as much longing.

“When I think back on this song, I think its meaning has changed a bit for me,” Raskin shares. “I’m realizing it’s me begging for my partner to be more emotionally available, to dig into his baggage, and him being unwilling. The other part of the song, starting in the bridge, is me realizing that my life doesn’t have to always be this way, I can move on and move forward to live a healthier life for myself. This song feels like emotional resilience for me.”

lovable is out April 24 via Community Records—pre-order it here.


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