PREMIERE: Lilith Poke Fun at Fragile Male Egos in “Lines Align” Video

The Boston trio raises one trillion dollars for the FME foundation in the video for the Safer Off single.

Fragile Male Ego: we all know someone afflicted by this disease—someone who makes us all suffer for it. There’s never been a cure for the condescending offhand remarks spouted by these male peers skeptical of female competence, instigated by their own crippling lack of self-confidence.

Until today! Boston power-pop trio Lilith have unveiled a new music video for the guitar-jam earworm “Lines Align” from last August’s Safer Off LP, which—presumably a documentary—details their commandeering of a fundraiser for the FME Foundation. Filling in for an ailing Smash Mouth and a dead Yo-Yo Joe, Hannah Liuzzo and Kelsey Rose Francis wind up raising the necessary one trillion dollars to eliminate malady once and for all.

“For this video we collaborated closely with our director Cait Brown of Barely Alive Sessions for concept,” Liuzzo shares. “We were all really into the idea of slapstick physical comedy coupled with the ’50s/’60s visual vibes of a live telethon, and we wanted the video to be fun to watch and to really propel forward with story line (we only had two minutes and forty-two seconds to pack in a beginning, middle, and end!). We also aimed to poke fun at the idea that as artists, you’re always having to prove yourself and explain the value of your craft—whether it’s to coworkers or family members—to people outside of your immediate circle who just don’t get it. We tried to exaggerate the feeling of banging your head against a wall and being like…we do this [playing music] in a real way, I swear!”

She concludes: “Oh, and of course we never miss an opportunity to poke fun at the oppressive force of a fragile male ego.”

Safer Off is out now via Take This to Heart Records, and you can order it here. Also, the number that appears on the screen in the video is connected to Girl’s Rock Campaign Boston, an organization dedicated to empowering girls and gender-nonconforming youth through music education and performance. Text “LETSROCK” to 44-321 to donate.


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