Sacred Bones Shares New Benefit Comp for Artists Whose Tours Were Cancelled

New songs from Blanck Mass, Jenny Hval, SPELLLING, and more are available now, with 100 percent of proceeds going to the artists today.

After a week of bad news for touring artists, today’s felt pretty good—in addition to many artists getting comfortable working from home, Bandcamp has graciously waived fees on all releases, ensuring the artist and label receive 100 percent of the income. In fact, in many cases the label’s also forgoing their share of the profit, knowing full well how much of a financial strain an indefinitely cancelled tour is for someone who relies on live music as a primary source of income.

One such label is Sacred Bones, who’ve gone above and beyond by putting together a digital-only, Bandcamp-exclusive LP with the very Sacred Bones title I Fall in Love With the Light: A Sacred Bones Compilation. Featuring unreleased tracks from the likes of Blanck Mass, Jenny Hval, SPELLLING, Uniform, and Pharmakon, the record promises some aggressive and truly bizarre music for these aggressive and truly bizarre times.

The album isn’t streaming anywhere (including Bandcamp), but it’s yours for $10 (or more) here. Check out the intricate artwork below.


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