PREMIERE: Cold Years’ “62 (My Generation’s Falling Apart)” Video Is a Coming of Age Story

The Scottish punks share their new single with a satirical (and timely) video.

It’s been interesting watching media roll out that was clearly made back when it was safe to go near each other, but which still addresses all the global issues that have led to our current moment—you know, the one where it’s not safe to go near each other. The perils of capitalism and pollution and general negligence of our planet and its inhabitants feels a bit redundant at this point, but a month ago it would’ve been another necessary warning sign.

These are the themes of the new video from Scotland’s Cold Years, whose new single “62 (My Generation’s Falling Apart)” drops today. Filmed with a familiar children’s TV aesthetic, the clip is an attempt at bildungsroman-ing kids at an early age, exposing them to capitalism and other evils of the world. “It’s a light-hearted satire of shows such as Blue Peter (which has aired on the BBC since the late ’50s) where we—the band, dressed as questionable-looking TV presenters of days gone by—present some of the serious themes which we have since discovered are more accurate of reality,” the band shares.

“The song’s theme plays heavily on the tough times that particularly young people are experiencing, not just in Scotland or the UK, but anywhere in the world where the political climate and resulting decisions have left our generation adrift,” they continue. “The starkest manifestation of this is Brexit, which has seen Scotland leave the EU against the will of 62 percent of the population. It’s from this 62 percent of our country that we took inspiration for the song title.”

Watch the video below, and expect to hear the track again on their forthcoming LP Paradise, which they promise will be out later this year via Entertainment One.


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