PREMIERE: The Lovely Eggs Show Us Some Second-Rate Things in “Still Second Rate” Video

The clip is a “masterclass in how to not spend £20,000 on making a music video.”

The Lovely Eggs will be releasing their latest vicious (if not also self-deprecating) takedown of the music industry and all other powers-that-be at the beginning of April with I am Moron, a Dave Fridmann co-produced affair being distributed by their own Egg Records. Following up 2018’s Welcome to Eggland, the record promises to continue the duo of Holly Ross and David Blackwell’s searing DIY noise-pop, with early single “This Decision” setting the tone back in January.

Today the group is sharing another single which lyrically contemplates the inherent value of certain items, and how they differ from person to person—and musically pays homage to on-hold muzak. “The instrumental mid bit of this song features our version of the hold music from the working tax credit hotline,” the band shares—though “Still Second Rate” is probably at least a 150 percent more energized. “We must have spent more time on hold on that hotline than any other band on the planet.

“For the video we wanted to present a masterclass in how to not spend £20,000 on making a music video,” they continue. “So many bands blow so much wedge on making videos it’s a bit obscene. We thought ‘fuck it, we’ll do it ourselves.’ It’s our ethos, really, and is also totally in keeping with the song. We’ve never moaned about not having access to big budgets and not doing stuff is just not an option for us, so we always roll up our sleeves, get on with it, and do the best that we can for the budget we have got, which for this was zero!”

In summarizing the themes of the video, they conclude, “We wanted people to question what their idea of ‘second rate’ is. For some people the idea of a pot noodle sandwich would be unthinkable, but to David it’s a delicious after hours snack. Same with living in Lancaster and not having a label. These are things that some people consider ‘second rate,’ but we don’t. So there are a lot of images in there that invite the viewer to question their opinions on what they value. Then there’s a load of psychedelic footage and random images to blast the mundane out into the universe because it’s impossible to cope with the bleakness of day-to-day life without having some magic in there. So yeah, in a way this video is like a microcosm of our world.”

I am Moron drops April 3 via Egg Records—pre-order that here, and watch the new clip below.


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