Several Artists Push Back Release Dates Due to Coronavirus Uncertainty

HAIM, Jarvis Cocker, Hinds, Willie Nelson, and more reschedule their album releases for more certain time.

The effects of the coronavirus on the music industry have generally led to more immediacy—albums have been surprise-released, demos have been pushed live, live streams have been a plenty—though this week things have shifted a bit in the opposite direction. Both yesterday and today we’ve been hearing news of artists pushing back the release dates for their forthcoming records so as not to coincide with the anxieties we’re all facing—and instead, ideally, to coincide with a tour. You know, like, with an audience in attendance.

Among these anticipated releases are new records from HAIM, Jarvis Cocker, Kelly Lee Owens, Willie Nelson, Hinds, DMA’s, and Grey Daze, and the posthumous revitalization of Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington’s ’90s post-grunge band. Additionally we’re starting to hear of new release dates for records slated to drop on Record Store Day, such as Mikal Cronin’s electronicized Switched on Seeker. See below for a running list of these records and their new release dates.

DMA’s, The Glow — July 10
Grey Daze (Chester Bennington), Amends — June 26
HAIM, Women in Music Pt. III — TBD
HINDS, The Prettiest Curse — June 5
Jarvis Cocker, Beyond the Pale — September 4
Kelly Lee Owens, Inner Song — August 28
Lady Gaga, Chromatica — TBD
Mikal Cronin, Switched on Seeker — June 20
Willie Nelson, First Rose of Spring — July 3


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