PREMIERE: Fearing Revisit Their First Panic Attack on “Sherbet”

The doomy West Coast coldwavers share the third single from Shadow.

Southern California is quickly becoming the post-punk capital of the country, with prominent groups ranging from the pulsing darkwave of Drab Majesty to the more pop-savvy Moaning calling the region home. Among those up-and-coming acts is Oakland’s Fearing, who are gearing up to release their debut LP Shadow next month, packaging ten chilly coldwave tracks into a fittingly bleak album sleeve. 

With “Pictured Perfect” and “Good Talks” already out in the world, the four piece are now sharing the record’s third single, “Sherbet,” which details a traumatic early childhood memory—an experience a bit more harrowing than its sweet name suggests. 

“[It was] either preschool or first grade, I can’t recall, but there was a movie night hosted in our auditorium with a large projector screen and a bunch of junk food,” bassist/vocalist James Rogers reminisces. “As I’m sitting on the ground eating sherbet, watching some movie, I vaguely remember looking up and realizing how many kids I was surrounded by. A feeling of panic rushed over me and I started to spin out. All the sounds blurred and couldn’t tell the giant faces on the screen from the kids next to me. I stumbled outside to be sick and spent the duration of the movie outside by myself. I think it was my first panic attack.”

Shadow drops April 10 via Funeral Party—pre-order it here.


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