PREMIERE: The Memories Get Nautical on “In My Heart I Am Sailing”

The LA collective’s latest single with Colleen Green and PYNKIE is the third sample from Pickles & Pies.

The Memories are already responsible for the best Ace of Base cover we’ve heard since quarantine, and they’ve assured us there’s plenty more breezy pop music on the horizon. The LA-based collective is gearing up to release their new record Pickles & Pies next month, which features their cover of “The Sign,” as well as “In My Heart I Am Sailing,” their latest single the band is sharing today.

The track is as appropriate for Valentine’s Day as it is for 4/20, offering up a heartfelt and un-self-consciously clichéd love song over lilting, stoned-out instrumentals and relaxed backing vocals from New Jersey songwriter PYNKIE. 

“This was pretty much the only song we brought from LA to NY that was in any sort of prepared stage,” the band shares. “It’s your standard nautical-themed love song. I think the lyrical metaphors at work here are very straightforward and maybe a little cliché. But it’s meant in earnest and is a sweet song that came out more lush and beautiful than we had imagined it would be.”

Pickles & Pies is out May 29 on Gnar Tapes—you can pre-order it here. You can also kick off your 4/20 festivities with the first three episodes of The Memories’ 2015 Comedy Central series Gnarnia here.


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