St. Vincent Hits the Showers for New Artist Spotlight Podcast

Shower Sessions features emerging artists talking and a bathroom.

St. Vincent is coming clean. The artist has teamed up with an unexpected partner in Progressive Insurance to launch the Shower Sessions podcast, a new podcast where St. Vincent will interview emerging artists in a bathroom—an ideal location, considering the great acoustics. From the looks of it, though, the restroom-stage they’ve chosen for the show’s setting could easily fit a full five-piece band.

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The campaign, conceived pre-social isolation, is in partnership with Universal Music Group, who will help curate the cast of young artists chatting and performing with Clark on the sessions. Progressive has already put up a series of posts featuring musical performances from the likes of Loote, Banners, Kashi Ashton, and more. Watch a series trailer, and Loote’s performance of “Your Side of the Bed,” below.


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