PREMIERE: Dogleg Share Live Video for “Ender” from Eureka Records

The Michigan punks share one final video from the session, featuring Melee’s energetic closer.

Last month, Dogleg treated us to a three-song set of live videos filmed at Eureka Records in Wyandotte, Michigan, featuring the tracks “Bueno,” “Wrist,” and “Prom Hell” from their freshly released debut Melee. That was the original plan, at least, before peer pressure set in.

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“Originally we weren’t gonna do ‘Ender,’ and just wanted to do the three songs for the session—but everyone in the studio kept asking us to do it,” vocalist Alex Stoitsiadis shares. “We were all pretty tired from the rest of the session so we sat down and ripped through it in one take to finish it off.”

Well, “Ender” is now here in all of its angsty glory, offering an emphatic punctuation to the quick setlist. Find the video below, and catch up with the band tonight—and every Monday night for the foreseeable future—as they deliver another Melee Monday on Twitch.


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