PREMIERE: Remo Drive Go for a Drive in Their “Ode to Joy 2” Video

“Ode” is the second single from the pop-punk duo’s latest LP, A Portrait of an Ugly Man.

Sometimes the sequel’s better than the original—Hamlet 2, The Bible 2, and now “Ode to Joy 2,” an unofficial second chapter to the Beethoven classic and also the latest single from Remo Drive’s forthcoming full-length A Portrait of an Ugly Man. Following the post-punk jangle of “Star Worship,” the record’s second single is considerably more theatrical, Erik Paulson’s symphonic vocals soaring over his brother Stephen’s funky bass line.

Arriving with the single is a video for the track featuring Erik belting the lyrics out the passenger-side window of a moving vehicle in the dead of winter (spoiler: Stephen gets a brief cameo as well, having a laugh attack behind the wheel in the closing seconds). Despite the falling snow, the clip teases the catharsis of blaring summer jams with the windows down in the months ahead. Watch the full clip below.

APoaUM drops June 26 via Epitaph. You can pre-order it here, and make sure to catch their live stream tomorrow night at 5 p.m. PST on The Noise.


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