PLAYLIST: Cold Hart’s Late Night & Sunshine Bangers

The GothBoiClique rapper compiles songs that go equally well on late night drives or basking in sunlight.

At the beginning of May, GothBoiClique rapper Cold Hart dropped a hard-hitting single called “Tammy and the T-Rex,” marking the debut track for his new label home at Epitaph. Blending the label’s tradition of hard-rock guitar with GBC’s penchant for emo-sourced rap, Cold Hart delivered an anthem as playful as its 1994 sci-fi/comedy namesake—it’s simultaneously the perfect late-night-drive tune and a perfect song to sip your second or third or fourth morning cup of coffee to.

With this duality in mind, Cold Hart threw together a playlist of thirteen tracks sharing this versatility, from YNW Melly to Depeche Mode, Nick Cave & PJ Harvey to Juice WRLD & Future. Each track exhibits CH’s capacity to churn out bangers to test the limits of your car speakers while dampening them with a Cure-ian level of melancholy. Stream the full track list below, and keep an eye out for more from Cold Hart and Epitaph.

Future, “Love Thy Enemies”

The slow guitar beat is so hypnotic, and Future’s bars solidify him as the G.O.A.T. I listen to this song in any mood—“Chosen, frozen, living in paradise.”

drippin so pretty, “drag you through my hell”

The haunting Charlie Shuffler production mixed with drip’s melancholy singing gets me every time. “Get my shit together IDK if I can / Take you far away, baby, that’s still the plan.” This man gets it.

HUNNY, “Lula, I’m Not Mad” 

This song makes me wanna cruise through curvy mountainside roads for hours and wear shades and Jordan Ones.

Rockell, “In a Dream” 

This one’s a straight classic, OMG. If it don’t make you wanna get wavy, something wrong wit you. 

Rawska, “Eighteen” 

The beat makes me feel like I’m back in North Hollywood—it’s so smooth, and Rawska’s lyrics tell a story of a traveling youth. 

Depeche Mode, “Blasphemous Rumors” 

This one is perfect for a late night. It starts off very industrial and picks up crazy. “I don’t wanna start any blasphemous rumors / But I think that god has a sick sense of humor.” Ain’t that the truth. 

Juice WRLD & Future, “Hard Work Pays Off” 

Title speaks for itself, and I love both of these artists. RIP Juice. 

Nick Cave and PJ Harvey, “Henry Lee”

My fav artist, Nick Cave is the best storyteller and this is one of his smoother songs. That piano is so fire—this song is perfect for rolling up in the morning.

Shittyboyz Babytron, “Spirit Bomb” 

From the beat to the bars, this gon have you wanting to scam some grannies, or run a marathon. “Got shit on lock / Threw the spare key in the garbage.”

Bladee, “Sentence” 

My fav Bladee song. The second part when he says “Heard you wanna be like me / Dirty pills in my diesel jeans / Use your head I can’t entertain your fantasies” is god tier. 

YNW Melly, “772 Love”

I ain’t even from the 772, but this song got me wantin’ to rep it. Free Melly, man, he sing too good and he do the Destiny Child flow at the end. This song crazy.

Suicide, “Surrender” 

I Love doo-wop, and this song is like a mix of ’80s goth and that, and it’s perfect. Makes me wanna drive fast as hell in an old Mercedes on the freeway at 4 a.m., or dance to it at prom. 

Salem, “Better Off Alone” (Atari Teenage Riot Remix)

This remix is almost better than the original. This song is also what my brain feels like when I been up for too long. It’s amazing.


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