Wu-Tang Clan Launch New Campaign to Support Canadian Hospitals

Proceeds from hand sanitizer, t-shirts, and food bowls go to Ottawa charities fighting COVID-19.

The Wu-Tang Clan has been looking out for Ottawa hospitals battling the COVID-19 pandemic. Back in April, the group publicly donated to the Ottawa Food Bank, triggering a deluge of donations that topped out at more than $280,000. Seeing the reaction to a simple social media call-out, Wu is doubling down on their charitable efforts by launching a new campaign, A Better Tomorrow.

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It’s something of a capsule of items featuring Wu-Tang branded “Protect Ya Neck” hand sanitizer. The all-natural and plant-based product is available now for $25 per 250 ml bottle. There’s also a t-shirt made in collaboration with the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce.

The most interesting item, however, is “The Saga Continues Bowl,” a noodle bowl created in conjunction with Ottawa’s Pure Kitchen. The vegetarian dish is comprised of red onion, red pepper, carrot, kale, rice noodles, ginger-lime sauce, Korean BBQ cauliflower wings, sesame seeds, scallions, cilantro, and chili oil. It’s only available through the restaurant in Ottawa and Kanata, Canada, though.

All proceeds from the campaign will be divided between the Ottawa Food Bank, Ottawa Mission, and the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. Find more information and support the cause here.



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