PREMIERE: Lionel Boy Confronts Gloom, Smoke, and Monotony on “Lately”

The Hawaii-born songwriter shares the latest from his debut EP, Who Is Dovey?

Anticipation is mounting for the debut EP from the Hawaii-born, Long Beach–based songwriter Lionel Boy, whose Who Is Dovey? will arrive at the end of June courtesy of Innovative Leisure. We’ve already heard the first two soulful, downtempo cuts from the record, and now the third arrives today in the form of the sax-heavy “Lately.”

The new track exhibits a continuation of the bedroom-confined sound of its predecessors, recalling the electro-pop of SoCal contemporaries like TV Girl. “Lately,” however, possesses a dark undercurrent missing on “Lost” and “Summer Fun.” “Last year, we had a week of rain in Long Beach,” the songwriter explains. “It was then that I wrote ‘Lately.’ I’d just begun learning how to incorporate samples into my songwriting, and ‘Lately’ was the first project I was able to complete doing so. There was gloom, smoke and a feeling of monotony in the air—I think that comes through in the music. I can’t really put my finger on it, but I was feelin’ some type of way.”

Stream the track below, and pre-order Dovey—out June 26 via Innovative Leisure—here.


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