Moby Rich and Bishop Briggs Bring “friends*” to Life With a New Video

The alt-pop artists’ summer anthem about unrequited love gets adapted into a short film.

Last month alt-pop duo Moby Rich teamed up with British songwriter Bishop Briggs for an all-too-relatable summer anthem dealing with confusing feelings concerning that one friend you think about a little too much. “friends*” is an impassioned duet perhaps irreverently turning an unrequited-love situation into something of a party anthem.

It’s the “unrequited love” angle that the group pursued for the song’s official video, which details the situation of a groggy morning after and the romantic afterthoughts that one wakes up with. “We wanted to show the journey that we all have been on when we start developing feelings for a friend,” Moby Rich shares of the clip. “It’s an emotional rollercoaster. From not knowing how to convey how you feel to second guessing every little thing you say over text. We’ve all been there and know the gut-wrenching anxiety that comes with it. So, we wanted to show that experience and how we all navigate it within our minds and the fantasies that arise when thinking about being more than friends with a friend.”

“It felt important to have a visual for the chaotic back-and-forth that comes with liking someone as more than a friend,” Briggs adds. “I loved the idea of including the anxiety around texting, as well as the far-fetched fantasies that can arise during this frustrating period. But we felt it was important to include that secretly hopeful feeling of ‘anything can happen’ in not only the song, but also the music video.”

Watch the video below.


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