Ron Gallo Announces New LP “PEACEMEAL,” Shares Video for “WUNDAY (CRAZY AFTER DARK)”

The Philly-based rocker comes off a year’s break with a colorful new batch of songs, out October 9.

After taking a year off following the frenetic punk rock of his 2018 LP Stardust Birthday Party, Ron Gallo is back with a new album composed of some of the artist’s most playful songs. Its title, PEACEMEAL, appears to be a pun on the bite-sized nature of the project and the state of mind they were recorded in, clearly preceding the chaotic events of the year it will have been released in. 

As a first taste of the record, Gallo is sharing “WUNDAY (CRAZY AFTER DARK)” and its video, which similarly feels starkly off-topic (and therefore refreshing) for quarantine with its blunt opening line: “All I wanna do is go to the store and not see anyone I know.” “It’s an introvert summertime party jam celebrating alone time and isolation, but then after too much solo time starting to go crazy.,” he shares of the track. “I think I wanted this song to sound like Will Smith’s outfits in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, blending the jazz chords with an old-school boom-bap beat. A very simple, sort of stupid, feel good song.”

Of the not un-Fresh Prince–like video, he continues: “The video is self-directed, shot and edited, being limited to whatever Chiara [his wife] and I can do with an iPhone, the two of us and our immediate surroundings. Wanted to recreate a sunny day in the happily solo life, then turning into a psycho after the sun goes down desperate for human connection.”

Watch the chaos unfold below.


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