Andy Samberg Was Really Dedicated to Getting Kate Bush on the “Palm Springs” Soundtrack

The actor/producer opened up to Variety about the lengths he went to secure “Cloudbusting” for the movie.

When Andy Samberg was making the Hulu hit Palm Springs, the music in the movie’s soundtrack was a very important component to the story about being stuck in a recurring loop in life.

“When we were making this movie we definitely wanted there to be a specific musical vibe to the soundtrack,” Samberg told Variety about the movie that he produced and starred in. “We agreed that we wanted it to be something that was catchy and hooky but not necessarily modern stuff we loved … not stuff from the present day. And also songs that are classics, but not necessarily the ones you’ve heard too many times already.”

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When it came to Kate Bush’s 1985 Hounds of Love classic, “Cloudbusting,” Samberg needed the artist’s OK to include it in the film. It’s an important sync for the actor, who called the track “one of the best songs ever made… I love Kate Bush… I had this vision of this moment and this song and it sort of all coming together and it just made me feel very emotional and happy and made my brain tingle.”

Samberg took a personal approach when it came time to secure approval: “I wrote a letter to Kate Bush. I don’t know if she read it. If she did and this gets back to her somehow: ‘Thank you, Kate, so much. You’re a genius!’” he raved. “If she never read it, all the same, I’m just so thrilled and happy that we got to put it in the movie. It elevates the moment so much. The moment in the movie was really designed for the song.”

Listen to Samberg and his Palm Springs castmates discuss songs from the movie’s soundtrack on Pandora.


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