Watch Mirah Play Two Tracks at Her Family’s Farm in Northeastern PA for “Neighborhoods”

The songwriter performs “Energy” and “Million Miles,” the latter of which was written on the farm over 20 years ago.

Earlier this summer, Double Double Whammy re-released Mirah’s record You Think It’s Like This But It’s Really Like This for its twentieth anniversary—a project that came complete with an additional LP of covers from her peers, many of whom were youngsters just getting started in music when it was originally released in 2000. It only feels appropriate that for her “Neighborhoods” set, the Brooklyn-based songwriter would play a YTILTBIRLT cut in addition to something a little more current.

Following her acoustic performance of “Energy,” which closed out her 2018 album Understanding, Mirah kicked it back to 2000 with the track “Million Miles,” a song about feeling an infinite distance from the nearest city. The single was written on her family’s farm, which she returns to for this clip. Watch it below, and check out her recent DDW reissue project right here.


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