Watch Bill and Jonah’s Excellent Interview

Comedian Jonah Ray catches up with Alex Winter to talk about the return of Bill and Ted.

Even though Bill & Ted Face the Music—the third film in the B&T film series and the first installment in nearly thirty years—is just hitting streaming today, the long-anticipated movie has already made an impact on pop culture with its much-welcomed intrusion into the music sphere. From its original soundtrack, featuring new tracks by Weezer, Mastodon, and Lamb of God, to its musical cameos, to the epic guitar solos that didn’t quite make the final cut, Face the Music arrives in the wake of its already-large cultural footprint.

The film also arrives in the wake of much more serious roles for its leads—Keanu Reeves spending his post-Matrix years leaning into action and martial arts movies, including three John Wicks (so far), and Alex Winter working on documentary projects. It’s as much a breath of fresh air as it is a nostalgia headrush to see the pair unwinding on screen in these now-somewhat-unusual appearances—assuming Keanu won’t pick up another bagpipe in John Wick 4 or 5.

To get the story behind the filming of the project, we set Bill S. Preston, Esq. up with comedian Jonah Ray (who you may recognize from Mystery Science Theater 3000, or any other number of comic cameos) to divulge the surprisingly easy process of sinking back into their iconic roles. From Alex and Keanu’s “handmade” careers prior to making what is arguably the greatest time travel film of all time, to the recent revival of the pair’s audition tape for that film, to the present day, Ray and Winter go deep on all things Bill & Ted.


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