Watch No Joy Play “Ageless” in the Middle of a Forest for “Neighborhoods”

Jasamine White-Gluz checks in from Quebec with a rendition of the Motherhood track.

Today marks the one-month anniversary of No Joy’s long-awaited, experimental fourth album Motherhood, which decimates any parameters set by the project’s prior releases, which can mostly be contained under the term “dream pop.” After doses of speed metal and alternative dance, the record peaks with the new-wavey, and vocoder-driven “Ageless,” a peculiarly dark piece on a record full of joy.

That isn’t to say “Ageless” isn’t also full of joy—in fact, Jasamine White-Gluz proves the harmlessness of the tune with her contribution to our “Neighborhoods” series, which sees her performing the single in the darkness of Quebec’s Laurentian Mountains. Casually strumming the song on acoustic guitar and singing along over a recording, the Blair Witch set design is countered by the presence of her collaborator mysteriously billed as Spooky Ghost, who helps out with lighting.

Watch the clip below—and catch up with the stories behind Motherhood by reading White-Gluz’s track by track.


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