Introducing the Billie Eilish Ukulele

In a very 2020 turn of events, Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance just might make a record with it.

Inspired by the recent resurgence of the four-stringed instrument, Billie Eilish and legendary guitar maker Fender have teamed up to create the all-new Billie Eilish Ukulele. Produced in limited quantities and retailing for $300, the signature ukulele has the artist’s imprint all over it—literally, as the ukulele is covered with her blohsh™ symbol patterned across the front of the instrument. It also includes a Fishman Kula preamp for those looking to plug in and turn up.

“The ukulele was the first instrument I learned,” Eilish said in a press statement. “It’s where I started writing, and where I found new ways of writing that I had never tried before. It inspires a different kind of writing. The rules of the ukulele are simple, and basically if you know three chords you can play almost any song. I hope my Fender Signature ukulele inspires people to start playing, and start writing; anyone can do it.” Watch Eilish play the ukulele below.

Eilish’s plan is already working; My Chemical Romance frontman, Gerard Way, has announced that the Billie Eilish ukulele has inspired him to make some new music.

“So one of my friends, favorite people in the world, and patron of the arts, Michael Schulz, worked with his company Fender to collab with very cool musician Billie Eilish on her rad looking and sounding ukulele,” Way shared on Instagram, along with a photo of the mini-axe. “It has a really interesting pattern on it, and you can plug it in, so now I’m going to plug this into a fuzz pedal and see what happens. I may report back with my findings. It’s fun to play. I don’t normally play ukulele but I did in fact recently write a song called Ukulele Songs, which is about ukulele songs. I may share that. I’m not sure, but if I record it, I will use this ukulele.”

Is there a Billie Eilish/My Chemical Romance uke collab on the horizon? Considering the tenor of 2020, it certainly couldn’t hurt.


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