SBTRKT, “Wonder Where We Land”

Wonder Where We Land

As the follow-up to SBTRKT’s 2011 self-titled debut, Wonder Where We Land serves to take the listener beyond the soulful textures previously heard from the electronica moniker of Aaron Jerome. No two songs sound alike, even with Sampha lending his voice to three of the twenty-one tracks. Instead, SBTRKT seeks to experiment with the beats, clicks, synths, and whatever other electronic sound he can conjure up. He creates a fast-paced digital space with “Lantern,” a mystical, darker city in “New Dorp. New York,” and a haunting sense of insanity in “Voices in My Head.” With the end of every song, a listener is lifted from one place and set in another, sometimes where it’s ethereal like in “Look Away,” and sometimes more grounded as in “Temporary View.” While Wonder does succeed with a unique sonic experience, the album is just too long. If you can get over the immense track listing, there’s a great sense of escapism to the album. Enjoy the journey. ALEJANDRA GOMEZ


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