Dreamcrusher, Uniform, Surfbort, and More to Shed Light on Brooklyn Underground in New Doc

A.F. Cortes’ Brooklyn Is Burning is still looking to reach its Kickstarter goal.

On the surface, you wouldn’t think the chaotic punk of Surfbort, the deafening noise of Dreamcrusher, and the Nick Cave cosplay of Bambara have too much in common, but as the latest project from director A.F. Cortes aims to show, these artists are all among the latest wave of outcasts fleeing to Brooklyn from their respective local scenes that lack a certain inclusivity offered by Brooklyn’s diverse musical population. Cortes—whose stark music-videography you may be familiar with if you’re into abrasive groups like Daughters, METZ, and Uniform—combines footage from live shows and interviews with a handful of the scene’s most prominent voices for a feature-length doc exploring “the rise, and current limbo, of Brooklyn’s independent music subculture—a diverse community, united in a divided country.”

That is, assuming the feature reaches its Kickstarter goal. As of now, the campaign is four days from ending, and it’s just barely past the halfway mark for its $30k goal. “As things are falling apart, we as a music and art community need to cling tighter to one another,” Cortes shares on the project’s Kickstarter page. “With this film and our Kickstarter, we want to help our community. It is hard, and out of our comfort zone, but we believe it is the right thing to do. What we ask of you, is to help tell our story—to help keep the narrative of this scene front and center.”

As if the prospect of the doc itself isn’t enticing enough, the filmmakers are offering up goodies in return for your pledge, ranging from autographed posters for the film and vinyl from its subjects, to a newly unveiled photo zine, which also includes exclusive essays and stories. Read more about the project (and rewards) here—and please donate!


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