Watch Thurston Moore Interview Big Joanie’s Estella Adeyeri

Moore and the feminist Afro-punk trio’s bassist have a chat in a London pub.

Back in 2018, Thurston Moore was inspired to launch the record label Daydream Library Series—who just put out Moore’s latest solo record—after encountering the feminist Afro-punk trio Big Joanie upon moving to London. Sistahs was the label’s first official release, merging riot grrrl angst with a danceable swagger.

With the record nearing its second anniversary, Moore recently caught up with the band’s bassist and co-vocalist Estella Adeyeri in a London pub to learn more about the songwriter’s backstory. In addition to Thurston recounting a very American faux pas regarding tea, Adeyeri discusses Britney Spears’ trajectory toward becoming a leftist icon, growing up with emo bands like Funeral for a Friend and Taking Back Sunday, and her early band Junk in the clip below.


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