Pink Siifu and Fly Anakin’s Favorite Hip-Hop Collaborations

With the rappers’ FlySiifu’s dropping this week, they made a playlist of their favorite joint tracks.

Pink Siifu and Fly Anakin have both had impressive years as individual rappers, Siifu landing spots on records from The Avalanches, Ho99o9, Armand Hammer, and Quelle Chris in addition to releasing the collab-heavy Negro back in April. For his part, Anakin gave us a solo record back in January before sharing his fifth and sixth releases with Big Kahuna OG later in the year.

It’s only natural that these two collaborators would come together later in a year of profound homebound boredom to compile a full LP together—FlySiifu’s drops this Friday, and sees the two swapping verses over production from a slew of additional collaborators (including Madlib and Siifu’s B. Cool-Aid teammate Ahwlee), and with other emcees familiar to their circle, like $ilkMoney and Liv.e, joining in. Though not nearly as polarized as Negro, the new LP encapsulates a variety of sounds and moods permitting Fly and Siifu to pirouette across each new beat as if it was another new playground.

With the spirit of collaboration in mind, the duo compiled a playlist of some of their favorite hip-hop tracks featuring multiple rappers, including several of the artists who appear on their new album as well as group-rap staples like OutKast and Goodie Mob. You can stream the playlist below, and catch their album release live stream on Twitch tomorrow at 6 p.m. PST. here.


Art Ensemble of Chicago, “The Ninth Room” 

This shit just feels like a room I fuck with. Feel like I’m in this session jamming with ’em. I like how everybody uses the space differently, and how it changes with the shapes everyone makes with each instrument and expression. A beautiful chaos. You could play this three times in a row and it’ll probably change every time in some way. 

Pink Siifu, “Black Be Tha God, NEGRO (wisdom.cypher)” 

I feel like this is a room as well—very different room, but still a room where the space is used differently throughout the track. A lot of gems from different folk just talking. I find a lot of inspiration in what I learn through conversation. This was me tryna express that in a song, probably my fav outro I got right now. 

Liv.e, “O.M.M” 

Timeless, beautiful, and always right on time when heard. Liv.e’s one of my favorite singers and it’s always beautiful to hear her over some funk shit. Jon harmonizing with her is a plus too—shit just knocks. I’mma forever show this song to folks, and my kid’s gonna hear this when they’re a newborn. Liv.e’s whole first album’s a movie and always should be revisited, along with a lot of her other work.

B. Cool-Aid, “Chillen” 

Aye, me and Ahwlee really my favorite thing to work on. B. Cool-Aid’s my fav music I’ve been a part of and always feels like something I can’t tap into by myself, which I love for real. Collabs like these are what make the moments worth living and music worth making. This was just fun and a play on romance in a kick back and embodies that, I think, perfectly. Martin came through with the timeless bars, please watch You So Crazy ’cause low key this song also reminds me of a room with the YV light on just like he was.

Real Bad Man, Maxo, & Pink Siifu, “Tell” 

Me and Maxo slide on shit all the time. We make music. This was nothin’ different, for real. Bag shit turned into a classic but every moment with my bro is intimate and intentional. Max really one of my fav artists ’cause it’s never not honest and raw. Emotion meant to be shown through the art, and I’m reminded we can bleed in it if connected right, a lesson I’m always reminded of with my G. Shout out Real Bad Man. Big slap—don’t sleep.

B. Cool-Aid, “Backround” 

Anotha classic from me and Ahwlee that reminds me of the beauty of my people and the love you only get in the hood, or when you back home. Always remember the background always crowded—just get through the smoke. 

Goodie Mob, “Dirty South”

Nxggas love acting like they from the South or some, so this just a reminder Dungeon had it on lock two cold no keys and was asking what nxggas really know. A valid question I’m still wondering. Dungeon Family for life, break!

Bbymutha, “Either Way” feat. Na-Kel: 

I just love this song. These nxggas slid so hard, and I was waiting on this to come out forever. Anything BigMutha and Nak touch individuality is always a gift, cuz nxggas just them and nothing else. Organic and original, solid nxggas. You just gotta support these nxggas even outside of the music. 


Future & Young Thug, “200” 

Future and Thug are two of my biggest influences—I listened to Super Slimey everyday when it first dropped for at least a year. They got the tag team shit on lock, anytime you see them featured together on some shit it’s an instant hit. 

Big Kahuna OG & Fly Anakin, “No Cape” 

I frequented Kahuna’s crib because it doubled as the studio. When we weren’t making music we would play video games and talk shit. This is one of those joints where one of us had a beat. We smoked, came back with a full song in like twenty minutes. 

8Ball & MJG, “Don’t Flex” 

You can’t talk duos and not include these two. This is one of my favorite 8 Ball & MJG joints. It’s funny ’cause I heard this song for the first time last year at my friend $ILKMONEY’s crib. I did—and still do—my hip-hop homework, but apparently I missed some shit. 

OutKast, “Aquemini” 

This song made time stop when I first heard it. OutKast holds a very special place in my heart. I believe they never made a bad album, Aquemini and ATLiens are both embedded in my rap DNA. 

Lil Baby & Gunna, “Belly” 

How could you not enjoy this!? I know a lot of hip-hop headass niggas that can’t salute this type of music, but it’s literally beautiful. Lil Baby and Gunna got some of the hardest collabs. Gunna & Keed a problem too. 

Fly Anakin & Nickelus F, “Whatchu Need” 

Nickelus F is like the king of Richmond on some rap shit. We tilt our hats to bro, it’s a privilege to have him on every album I’ve released so far. 

Fly Anakin & Ohbliv, “Weedman” 

Ohbliv is god and I’m Jesus. One of the greatest duos to ever touch the world, and I put my bread behind them two niggas together. I’ll bet the house on ’Bliv alone.


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