Melvins’ Dale Crover Channels Kesey, The Cramps, and Kiké Hernández in His “I Can’t Help You There” Video

The drummer’s sophomore solo LP is out January 15 via Joyful Noise.

Any day now we’ll see a huge influx of pandemic-related horror movies hitting theaters (er, VODs) as the pandemic will likely do to horror cinema what last decade’s housing crisis did to the haunted house film. As a teaser for these feature-length scares, Melvins drummer Dale Crover is sharing a horror short today for his new single “I Can’t Help You There,” which features his band rocking facemasks with distorted human mouths on them, channeling “Come to Daddy” levels of eerie imagery.

“I enlisted Toshi Kasai and Alicia DiGiovanni to help direct, film and edit. I gave them the basic ideas I had and they ran with them,” Crover shares before citing a handful of other visual reference points. “Inspiration came from One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, The Cramps’ 1978 performance at Napa State Mental Hospital, and the creepy face mask of LA Dodger Kiké Hernández.”

“I Can’t Help You There” is the second cut from Crover’s sophomore solo LP Rat-a-Tat-Tat!, which you can expect out January 15 via Joyful Noise. See the video below.


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