LA All Day: Local Natives and Classixx Unite on “Weekends”

Head into the weekend with the new collab, as well as a new single from Local Natives’ Kelcey Ayer.

It’s the sound of indie Los Angeles, right now: native acts Classixx and Local Natives have come together for a unified new track, “Weekends.” It’s the first of a pair of tunes the two entities created together, with the second song “Francesca” set to arrive on December 3.

“These two songs were made as a collaboration in the true sense of the word,” Classixx explained in a press statement. “We met the Local Natives guys at a wedding in Mexico and immediately connected. They’re such a vibrant live band and it was important to us that their musicianship and vocal harmony came through. The tunes were a group effort and it was a privilege to work on them together, it felt like being a part of a small community.” Listen to the song below.

As if that wasn’t enough to keep himself busy, Local Natives member Kelcey Ayer has also shared a new solo tune, “m+m,” under his solo moniker Jaws of Love.

“‘m&m’ is a story about two high school friends going to colleges on different coasts having a last-minute hang, where one flies from the west coast to NYC,” Ayer revealed in a press release. “It’s loosely based on a trip I took myself during my college days to meet up with a friend. Neither person can fully comprehend how special their friendship is nor how precious their time is together until both have faded away. While it was some of the best days of their lives, it also marks the beginning of the end of their friendship.”

Whew, heavy stuff. Give the track a spin below.


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