Smallpools Recap the Chaotic Year on New Single “Simulation”

Expect the electro-rock trio’s sophomore album early next year.

With the confirmation of extraterrestrial life by scientists (and Tom DeLonge), the ominous presence of LA’s jetpack guy, and, most recently, the mysterious appearance of 2001’s obelisk all being mere footnotes in an ever-weirder 2020, it’s safe to say that at this point we’re all living in a simulation. This is the subject of the spacey new single from Smallpools, the electro-rock trio split between LA and Nashville, who are gearing up to release their sophomore record early in 2021.

“When the word becomes such a circus, I can’t help but wonder if there’s somebody logged in just pulling our strings for their own entertainment,” the band’s Sean Scanlon explains of the new track. On the heels of a recent collab with Morgxn and a prior single from this year, the bubbling synths and soaring choruses of the latest track are an optimistically playful take on the bizarre year we’re closing out.

Stream the track below, and anticipate more from the band in the coming months.


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